Strengthening intergrated delivery of HIV and AIDS services implemented by Health Care and Support Initiative (HCSI) with fund from USAID through Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH)
By Obasogie Christopher Program Officer HCSI

Heallth Care and Support Initaitive (HCSI) formally called Department of Health Services Provider (DHSP) work as a sub recipient under Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) for community based services. The SIDHAS project works to sustain the integration of HIV/AIDS and TB care in Nigeria by building the country capacity to deliver high quality, comprehensive prevention, treatment and services. The project was funded by the U.S Agency for International Development (USAID).

HCSI with support from ARFH provided comprehensive Orphans and Vulnerable Children  (OVC) case Mangement for over 000 vulnerable children and their household for a period of  years 2013-2018. Below are some of HCSI accomplishment;



Health Care and Support Initiative(HCSI) has as one of her focal area of interest the empowerment of enrolled clients based on need. This is to increase the capacity of individual or families to make choices and to transform those choices into desired action and outcome. Central to our processes of empowerment are actions that are aimed at building individual and family capacity and resources to the extend that the basic needs of the family can be met. Seguel to empowerment, the House Hold Vulnerability Assessment (HHVA) form was administered which assisted in determining the MOST VULNERABLE among our enrolled clients. HCSI through the SIDHAS project has been able to empower over 100 OVC Caregivers  with goods worth #25,000 each.


Educational Materials comprised of school uniform, writing materials and text books were distributed to the vulnerable children in our project communities. At central hospital support group and the support group at oben community. We  also distributed school uniform to  the orphans and vunurable children that were enrolled in our program. A total of 500 OVC were empowered with educational materials.


Birth Certificate was provided to over 500 Vulnerable children (VC) with support from National Population Commission. Birth certificate is one of the critaria for graduating a household in the project.


Objective: To reduce Stigma in the community.

Community sensitization on stigma reduction was held in Ikpokpan, Iwogban, Ubiaja, Igueben, Uromi, Ewu, Ekpoma and Oben communities. The objectives of the stigma reduction outreaches are:

    • To educate members of the aforementioned communities on how HIV/ AIDS is transmitted.
    • To promote openness so as to break down stigma reduction and reduce the silence surrounding HIV/AIDS
    • To encourage testing for all people who are sexually active and making sure that proper counseling goes with testing.

Messages surrounding abstinence, openness, support, care and how to put an end to discrimination were discussed. DHSP staff also sensitized the community members on Basic facts of HIV, transmission of HIV, care and support for People Living with HIV (PLHIV) and people affected by AIDS (PABA). Some members of Health Care and Support Initiative (HCSI) support group disclosed their status thereby giving HIV a face and the community members pledged their support and became more knowledgeable on Prevention. During the sessions questions were asked and Clarifications were given to clear wrong misconceptions they may have about HIV transmission and prevention.



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