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Prayer, fasting and sacrifice are essential pillars of religion, Rev. Fr.   Joe Obodoechina, the Deputy Executive Secretary of the Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN) has declared. He also added that offerings given in the House of God are for the common good of humanity.

Fr. Obodoechina made this assertion while preaching the homily at the 2018 Harvest Thanksgiving Mass of St Gabriel Chaplaincy, Durumi, Abuja, recently. The theme of his homily was “Offering time, Blessing time”.  

Using the readings of the day to buttress his point on the relevance of offerings and sacrifices made in the House of God, the homilist declared: “God needs them and we need them too. We need them for the work of God around us, we need them to reduce sufferings for the poor among us, we need them also to share. This life is about sharing.”

The homilist however noted that there are different kinds of offerings which as authenticated in the Bible include: tithe offering, which is used for the promotion of church projects; thanksgiving offering which is made to thank God for all favours, support and blessings; sin offering, made for the atonement of sins committed; and alms giving offering, which is for bringing succour to the poor and needy in the society, in order to minimize and reduce their sufferings.

Fr. Obodoechina went further to outline the type of givers in the society. These are: grudge givers, who grudgingly give offerings; duty givers who discharge the charity by duty compulsion and cheerful givers, who give willingly with joy. He urged the faithful not to be discouraged by the present challenges facing the country; but joyfully give to God in spite of financial difficulties; adding that their efforts as cheerful givers will not be in vain.

The homilist used the history of Alexander the great to emphasize the emptiness of life, its wealth and luxury stressing: “our wealth was given to us by God for his glory and the well being of his people, let us give him cheerfully.”


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