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The Holy Father, Pope Francis has attributed the many challenges facing humanity in the present day world to the envy of incarnation and the salvific mission of Christ for mankind by Satan. According to the Holy Father: The devil is out to sow hatred and division because he is jealous of mankind and the fact that Jesus Christ became one of us; In Satan’s envy, we find the root of political mudslinging, as well as the sin in my soul and in yours …”  Pope Francis made the assertion in his homily at the celebration of the morning Mass at Santa Marta, Vatican City, recently.

Expatiating on the first reading of the Mass which says that through the devil’s envy, death entered the world, Pope Francis spoke of how the devil set out to destroy humanity so that the people of the world cannot live as brothers and sisters.  His words: “The devil is out to sow hatred and division because he is jealous of mankind and the fact that Jesus Christ became one of us. We are fighting a war inside ourselves and we have done so from the beginning

“Cain and Abel were brothers,” he said, “but the jealousy and the envy of the one destroyed the other.” This is the way it is, said the pope; just watch the evening news: “wars, destruction, people dying of illnesses caused by wars.”  He continued: “Someone touches your heart to lead you down the wrong road. Someone sows destruction and hatred in our hearts. Today we have to say it clearly, there are many who sow hatred in the world, who destroy.”

Outlining the agonies, the envy of Satan has led humanity into Pope Francis stated: “So many children die of hunger and disease” because they have no water, no education, or healthcare; instead, the money needed for these are used to manufacture weapons of destruction.  “This is what happens in the world, but also “in my soul and in yours,” he continued, because of the devil’s envy and hatred. “And why is the devil envious?” asked the Pope: he is envious “of our human nature.”

The Holy Father concluded by praying that God “may make our hearts grow in faith in Jesus Christ, His Son,” who assumed our human nature, “to fight with our flesh and to be victorious in our flesh” over the devil and evil. May this faith “give us the strength not to play the game of the envious one, the great liar, the sower of hatred.”


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