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The reality of death makes it compulsory for us to always think and plan for life in the life after, instead of concentrating on the mundane things of this world, the Executive Secretary of Catholic Caritas foundation of Nigeria (CCFN), Rev. Fr. Evaristus Bassey has declared.

Fr. Bassey made this admonition in his homily at the funeral Mass that preceded the burial of late Miss Mary Omolola Adeoti, a staff of the CCFN, who died recently after a brief illness in Abuja.

Death  is a reality of our lives and we should be ready always because sometimes when we die, we leave so much confusion.”  Noting the phenomenon life as depicted by the death of the deceased Fr Bassey stated: “At the beginning of this year, we held a prayer session that God should not allow us bury anyone and now what will I say!”

He continued: “Did God not hear our prayer? He heard our prayers because man proposes and God disposes. And God knows how to bring about the best in every situation; and God’s ways are not the ways of men.”

Using several events of life, including that of the deceased to buttress his point; the CCFN Executive Secretary noted that  death is a necessary end for every living creature and  “It is better you plan your life and even your death. What is happening in the world around us and even the reality of Mary lying down in-state here before us should dawn on us that as much as we enjoy our lives and have projects, we should always think about our end.”

Calling for a reflection on the present day life, Fr. Bassey stressed the need to realize that a lot is happening around the world in the form of crimes including monumental corruption in our country, Nigeria.  He remarked that all these are happening because people are not even thinking about their end or what will happen in the world after.

His words: “We are not looking at the great beyond what will happen after I have spent my whole life here on earth. I think when we reflect on this, the simpler will be our choices even in our conditions, the kind of things we do. Look at our friend Mary; she has completed her life here on earth. As she lies here, she is a lesson to every one of us.”

The CCFN Secretary who is also the Director of CSN church and Society Department urged the congregation to continue to pray for the soul of the deceased noting that the Catholic Church believes in praying for the dead; and that God hears prayers for the dead.

Speaking on the life of the deceased at the CSN and CCFN, Fr. Bassey described her as someone who lives a life of exemplary simplicity which has endeared her to her colleagues and all those who have come in contact with her in the course of her work. He added: “She had built up great expertise even in humanitarian services and with time she joined the sustain group. She was very friendly, resourceful; sometimes, there are information you could retrieve from her archives. It is going to be a great loss.”

Earlier in his remarks, the uncle of the deceased, who was the chief celebrant at the funeral Mass. John Cardinal Onaiyekan, reminded all present of the vanity of life and the need for all to be prepared for death as it is not arranged according to age.  Noting that there is course for the family and others who know the deceased to be sad because of her young age, Cardinal Onaiyekan described the late Lola Adeoti as someone who endeared herself to all and sundry by her life of simplicity, respect and affection for all and commitment to service for humanity.

Co-celebrants at the funeral Mass were: Archbishop Gabriel ‘Leke Abegunrin of Ibadan Archdiocese; Bishop Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo and all the priests of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria. Also in attendance were members of the family of the deceased and the  staff of CSN and CCFN, as well as other friends of the deceased from different parts of the country.


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