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Priests’ products of St Augustine Major Seminary, Jos, have been called upon to remain steadfast in their faith and vocation and not succumb to the promptings of misguided prosperity preachers who go about preaching a cross less Christianity.

This admonition was given by Rev. Monsignor Professor Cletus Tanimu Gotan in his contribution to a book written to mark the golden jubilee anniversary of the St Augustine Major Seminary, Jos, Plateau State. The erudite scholar and one time rector of the seminary also urged Catholic priests to always declare the truth as the Holy Books teach them and “translate such truth and values into everyday life”.

Writing on the topic: The Impact of St Augustine Major Seminary, Jos, on the Growth of the Catholic Church in Northern Nigeria; Professor Gotan went down memory lane outlining the success stories and challenges of the institution; calling on its alumni to continue to pray for the seminary so that it will continue to play a major role in the development of the country.

 He expressed the hope that the institution will continue “to turn out from year to year, a crop of young men who are truly disciplined, really dedicated and totally responsible servants who can hold their own everywhere in the world, ready and willing to cope with the challenges of life in all situations”.

His words: “fifty years of the establishment of our alma mater should confer on us her siblings the status of elders and older members of our priestly fraternity. After all these years of existence in the service of our people, we must ensure that the faith entrusted and which we have helped to nurture is preserved until your last days. Don’t allow some misguided prosperity preachers to derail you from the part of orthodoxy with their modern summersaults and preaching of cross less Christianity.”

Calling on every alumni of the institution to be a God bearer and an ambassador of Christ to announce to distressed brothers and sisters the word of God; and the gospel of Christ faithfully to neighbours, work with colleagues and members of the communities, Monsignor Gotan urged them not to allow the vices of this world to lure them away from the right part of Christ.

Msgr. Gotan expressed concern that Christians in different parts of the country are allowing the intimidation of marauding Fulani herdsmen and Moslem fanatics ‘who are merchants of gruesome murders and invasion of places of worship’, to erode their faith; forgetting the word of the Lord “which assures that I will build my Church and the Gates of hell shall not prevail against it?”

Wondering if church leaders and their followers have hijacked the Lord’s Church from Him; Msgr Gotan called for a change of heart and return of the Church to the rightful owner – God;“otherwise, the gates of hell will always prevail against it”.

Pointing out that the Ministry of the Church belongs to the Holy Spirit and not any human being, Msgr. Gotan called on Christian Pastors and Bishops, presidents, founders, etc:  “to repent and handover the church back to the owner; throw away all the titles that rob us of the presence of God and resume our basic functions as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, no more no less”.  


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