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The mystery of the Blessed Trinity has been described as a pillar of the Christian Faith which emphasizes unity in diversity of the three persons in one God, worthy of emulation by the Christian community. This postulation was made by Rev. Fr. Zacharia Samjumi, the Deputy Secretary General of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN), during the celebration of the Mass to mark this year’s Trinity Sunday; at St Gabriel Chaplaincy, Durumi, Abuja. The Mass was also in thanksgiving for the 50th Birthday celebration of the Chief celebrant, Rev. Fr. Chris Anyanwu, CSN Director of Social Communications.
According to the homilist: “…belief in the Trinity is what makes a Christian, Christian.” He continued: “In the Catholic Church, the Trinity is a doctrine that spells out the truth that there are three persons in one God; god the Father. God the Son, and God the Holy spirit.”
Noting that this is however not a mathematical truth, Fr. Samjumi continued: ‘The three persons, though distinct, yet are one. They are not rivals, but are in union with one another. They have the same nature. They have the same substance of love, compassion, kindness, faithfulness, etc” he however noted that how to explain this one entity is the crux of the matter when we as Christians are confronted with questions about the Blessed Trinity.
Making reference to the readings of the day, Fr. Samjumi stated that the readings emphasize how the three persons relate with Christians. His words: Coming very clear from our readings is the message that our God is not far away, that he is not up somewhere, and He is not a kind of scary, long bearded policeman who is ready to jump on us the moment we do wrong...” but rather, “that our God is close to us and He cares always.”
While analyzing the concept of God by other religions, the CSN Deputy Secretary General also went further to say that the greatness and goodness of God are manifested in the creatures of the earth, through which God gradually started revealing Himself to us. His words: “always when we marvel at the beauty of these created things, we understand that God is great, He is powerful, the creator of everything.”
He continued: “But God did not stop there. He chose the Jewish people and continued to reveal himself to them he further reveals himself more clearly in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to tell us who God is, and to show us the way we can reach Him” he added: “Jesus tells us that he and the Father are one. Again in Jn. 14: 8-9, he says that to see him is to see the Father He further tells us that the Father and Himself will send their Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God.”
Fr Samjumi therefore reminded the faithful that celebrating the Blessed Trinity helps to remind us of the importance of unity, inspite of our distinct differences as members of the family, Church communities, nations and the society in general.
The homilist also used the occasion to congratulate Rev. Fr. Chris Anyanwu, urging him not to relent on his oars as he continues to serve God through humanity in his vocation as a Catholic Priest.


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