By Most Rev. Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo

The Catholic Bishop of Oyo Diocese, Most Rev. Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo has stated that rulers and those in position of leadership are responsible for the quality of life, their people live; during their tenure of office. He therefore called on rulers and leaders in all facets of life, to be like Christ the King, who, in spite being God, came as man and sacrificed His life for the salvation of humanity.


Bishop Badejo made this assertion in his homily at the celebration of the Sunday Mass for this year’s Feast of Christ the King, held at the Our Lady of Assumption Cathedral, Asogo, Oyo, Oyo State. The theme of his reflection was: “The King is not to blame”.


Using the readings of the day, Bishop Badejo reflected on the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, His salvific mission while on earth; and expressed concern that most people might be wondering that in spite his being God, Saviour and King, he is allowing the world to experience the present global predicaments. He stated that while on earth, “Jesus’s mission was both earthly and divine; “and gave his life as a ransom for many.”


Adding that Christ the King should not be blamed for the present woes facing humanity in all parts of the world, Bishop Badejo declared that Christ has fulfilled all his promises and proved reliable. “What we should acknowledge and blame is our human weakness that makes us collectively unable to follow the path of righteousness which Jesus has laid down for us, the concupiscence that makes us shun his example of life”.


While admonishing the faithful that hope in the Lord does not disappoint, Bishop Badejo particularly, addressing people in positions of authority and power, concluded that whatever our positions in the society, from the rulers to the ruled; we must align with King Jesus; live a life of service and enhance the life of the people we govern.  He added: “Think less of yourself and more of others. Leadership, kingship, rulership and primacy all have meaning and worth only if you make a better world.”




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