Mission and Inter Religious Dialogue

Chairman: Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah
Director: Rev. Fr. Joseph Nomwhange (SMA)
Profile of this CSN Department...

The Department of Mission and Dialogue co-ordinates and facilitates activities of the Catholic Bishops' conference in the area of Missions and Missionary Animation, Ecumenism, Dialogue within the family of the Church and Dialogue with other religious bodies. This arm of the Catholic Bishops' Conference is charged with the task of monitoring the training and sending of priests, Religious and lay missionaries to needy parts of our country and of the world. The unit is in touch with all agencies within and outside the country that are committed to the Church's missionary mandate. The department has three units and each unit is headed by a secretary. The Director of the department  is the secretary of Ecumenism and Mission.

i.              Mission Committee: Focuses on animation of priests, Religious and lay faithful and on creating awareness for full participation of the People of God in the universal mission of the Church. It operates with a National Missionary Council which draws Its membership from the Clergy, Religious and Laity. It co-ordinates the missionary activities of the Dioceses and Religious Congregations, especially in the area of mission and ad gentes sending out missionaries to other dioceses and countries. It promotes the activities of the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS).

ii              Committee on Ecumenism: Promotes Christian unity at human, social, political and strictly religious areas. It aims at bringing the various Christian denominations in the country together to study and understand each other better, to work together in identifying areas of agreement and deepening them, while seeking solutions to areas of disagreement.

iii             Committee on Inter-religious Dialogue: Seeks to interact with other believers, especially of the African Traditional Religion and the Islamic Religion. Attempt is made to build bridges, and to recognize and act as people who believe in the supremacy of God, to co-operate in the promotion of the good of all in Nigeria, and to cultivate the culture of respect for other people's Religion.

The unit helps dioceses, parishes and Religious Congregations in their own efforts at ecumenism and dialogue on the local level.

This Department is in touch with world bodies with Mission and Dialogue, especially the relevant Vatican Dicasteries.


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