Pastoral Agents

Chairman: Bishop Michael Ekwoyi Apochi
Director: Rev. Fr. Isaac Dugu
Profile of this CSN Department...

The Pastoral Agents Department is set up by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) to co-ordinate the life and activities of the Clergy, Seminaries, Religious and Laity, all of which are administered through appropriate committees. The director, through the committees ensures that CBCN as a body is intensely involved in the life and growth of the groups this administered and that they in turn get a good opportunity to relate with the conference. The Committees see to it that the various segments of the Church attached to them interact effectively with their peers on national and international levels.

Under the supervision of the Director and in collaboration with the Committee Chairmen, the Secretary of the Committees for Clergy and Seminaries works hand in hand with various clergy groups within dioceses , and on the national level with the National Association of the Catholic Diocesan Priests (NACDP). Also, he is in touch with the heads of all major seminaries and formation houses and has knowledge of their staff and curriculum. He is in touch with the Spiritual Year houses and the minor seminaries.

In the same way under the supervision of the Director, the Secretary of the Committees for Religious and Laity in collaboration with the Committee Chairmen works closely with Congregations and Institutes in Nigeria including their statistical profiles. He also works with the National Laity Council of Nigeria, the Catholic Women Organization, the Catholic Youth Organization, and helps them fulfill their vocations as part of the people of God. In summary:

Laity Committee:

  • Laity Council
  • Knights of St. Mulumba
  • Knights of St. John
  • CWO
  • CYON
  • Catholic Corpers
  • Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria
  • St. Vincent de Paul and all other lay organization in Nigeria

Religious Committee:

  • NCCP
  • Conference of Men & Women Religious
  • Major Superiors
  • Vicars for Religious
  • Religious Committee on Women Trafficking

In co-ordinating the activities of the entire department the Director keeps contact with the universal Church through the Pontifical Commissions for the Clergy, the Seminaries, the Laity and the Religious.


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