Liturgy / Pastoral unit

Chairman: Most Rev. John Ebebe Ayah
Secretary: Rev. Fr. Michael A. BANJO
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This unit sees to matters concerning divine worship and the fostering of pastoral initiatives in the various ecclesiastical circumscriptions in Nigeria.

The functions of this unit include:

  • Offering services to Bishops (individually and collectively) and Diocesan liturgical commissions on liturgical matters
  • Collaborating with directors of liturgy and diocesan Masters of Liturgical ceremonies towards ensuring that the liturgy is celebrated according to the mind of the Church
  • Promoting the use of sound sacred music in the liturgy
  • Promoting pastoral initiatives in Dioceses
  • Seeing to the preparation and approval of liturgical texts for use in Nigeria
  • Maintaining correspondence with the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith; Congregation for Divine Worship and the council for English in the liturgy
  • Ensuring that directives coming from the Holy See in the area of liturgical and pastoral life of the Church are implemented across the country
  • Collaborating with the Ambassadors Publications in the publication of liturgical calendar
  • Ensuring that Mass wine is available for Dioceses to purchase
  • Overseeing the celebration of special jubilees and years. E.g., Year of Faith, Year of Mercy, Year of the Family, Marian Year, etc.

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