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The Federal Government has been called upon to sustain the dignity of the human person in the country, by responding to the needs of the people and proactively address the socio-economic anomalies and other vices plaguing the country. The call was made by Rev. Fr. (Dr.) Uchechukwu Obodoechina, the National Director of the Department of Church and society, Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN); during a press conference held at the CSN headquarters, Durumi, Abuja, on October 20.

 In the press statement titled: The Dignity of the Human Person is Non-Non-Negotiable; premised on the #EndSARS protest by Nigerian Youths, in parts of the country; Fr. Obodoechina noted that the protests by the youths was to “exact positive transformation both in the police and the entire structures of governance in Nigeria”.

Noting that the roots protest are deeper, the CSN director declared: “The Nigerian Youth along with the rest of the Nigerian citizens are living witnesses to situations of poverty and disease; exacerbated by infrastructural decay, deplorable healthcare systems, endemic insecurity and a tenuous social life.”

Pointing out that the living standard of most average Nigerian families is nothing to write home about, Fr. Obodoechina continued: “In fact, the hunger and poverty, the banditry and insecurity, the unemployment and systemic corruption in the rank and file of Government, the abuse of human rights and the profligacy of the political class among others are evidently unbearable.”

Noting that life has become dangerously brutish and short in Nigeria, the CSN National Director added: “ As it were, the Nigerian Youths, with grim determination woke up from its sleep to demand not only for the disbandment of the notorious security formation but also for immediate social transformation programmes capable of ensuring a good life for all Nigerians.”

 The Church and Society department director then gave a six-point solution on how the government can address the present situation of the country. Prominent among these are: the empaneling of a committee comprising of elder statesmen and leaders of other stakeholder groups in the country to “redefine the rules of engagement and proffer solutions to the spiraling protests; non-arms twisting of the protesting youths by government; ensuring  justice in all aspects of life in the country and the prioritization and re=orientation of the country’s police force, with immediate attention.

 While admonishing the youths to eschew violence and banditry, the CSN director also called on government to: “as a matter of urgency develop effective strategies that would ensure inclusive governance, strengthening the judicial, health, educational and social systems to serve the Common Good; and take proactive steps to ensure peace, security and stability in the land, propelled by justice.

He reminded the government on the essence of the dignity of the human person saying: “The Church and Society Department of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria upholds that the dignity of the human person is inviolable and non-negotiable. Human persons are made in the images and likeness of God and are imbued with inalienable dignity.”   


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